Kool G Rap and the Ghost DJ…”DJ Butcher”

There are moments in your life where your whole plain is inverted. Where everything you know is wrong. Where your existence is reduced to dust. Up is down, left is right, hot is cold, and wrong is right.

People…DJ Polo did none of the cuts on this record. In fact, it was some kid from the neighborhood that was enlisted by Eric B and DJ Polo to come in and do cuts. Not only that, he did what he calls “show tapes” where it was tapes of him scratching so that when DJ Polo would go on tour with G Rap, he could have the appearance of a real DJ.

What in the hell, man. This intel coming from, who else, the mad connected and wise Robbie Ettelson from Unkut. Read the interview HERE.

It’s the type of news that makes you really wonder about what Cold Chillin’ was doing, what games they were playing. In a game that was committed to authenticity, it would seem a little weird to have one of the best labels in the game faking a DJ. In ways, this is no different than Milli Vanilli or any whack boy band…and this coming from one of the most respected labels in that era.

Why this was never known by myself until now is inexcusable. We will try harder.


Son of Byford


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