Son of Byford, Signing Off

Folks, there comes a time that you have to make a change. As ambitiously as we began, like many blogs, it will also conclude. It certainly wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy ourselves, the Dirty Deacon and I. It simply isn’t possible to maintain our frantic pace and, instead of slacking off, we’ll just bow out. We’ve posted damn-near every day for the last 19 months and, as remarkable as that sounds, when you’re as close to the subject matter as I am, it’s really pretty effortless.

But it takes time. And time I don’t have.

In the meantime, however, please feel free to join us for our bi-weekly podcast at The Smell of Music. It’s a little thing we got going that’s getting some ears.

I’ve been through this before. Most people won’t even know that we’ve stopped posting unless you managed to check your Facebook feed this week. Many will link to our site because of some key article we wrote…maybe the one about Lawrence, KS or 2 Live Crew. They’ll find us somehow and we hope they’ll enjoy what they read. There’s plenty to enjoy. The new game is The Smell of Music…it’s a worthy endeavor.

And, after you get your fill there, go outside. Get some sunlight. We love you. There’s two more articles scheduled to post this week. Both about how we were lied to about DJ Polo including a fine article from our man Robbie Ettelson at That’s guy’s writing game is on point and he knows his shit. Support that dude.


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