We’re 2 Live and Too Short

After spending a couple of weeks steep in NYC, we’re breaking out of this hellhole and heading to Miami and then over to the Bay Area. The Dirty Deacon is pale, I need a vacation so we’re finally gonna get some sun up in this bitch. In what is, undoubtedly, going to be a difficult week for a father of two, I’m going to attempt to listen to both a 2 Live Crew and a Too Short record for the duration of the week. It will be a test of concealment and tolerance.

2 Live Crew, you might remember, at this point in 1990, has just been arraigned on obscenity charges in the state of Florida (damn, Florida, thanks for nothing…they freaking put your hip hop scene on the map and then you shut them down), and then, like they had it ready to release all along, they come out with Banned in the U.S.A. to capitalize on the free publicity. Well, in the end, it wasn’t really free as 2 Live Crew battled greatly with the courts and likely paid dearly. But being a crafty capitalist, Luther Campbell wasn’t going to leave empty-handed.

Then, we cross the country for the sunny banks of the Bay Area. Wait, they have sunny banks, right? While we get our geography figured out, we’ll be checking out Too Short’s third record. It’s been two years since we heard from the foul-mouthed short dog and there’s little doubt that he’s cleaned his mouth up. Raps about bitches, hoes, money, and weed. You know, family values.

It’s hard out here for a daddy.


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